flexi Cat Lead New ClaΒic - Black

The light, maneuverable pocket-sized flexi Cat New ClaΒic Lead is specially developed for cats and small pets weighing up to 8kg. The non-rubbing roll function and the practical handy stop lock in proven flexi quality enables your cat, rabbit, ferret or other small pet weighing up to 8kg to enjoy a comfortable, safe walk. The 3m long cord-style lead moves in and out of its black casing automatically.

Since the lead is always pulled lightly taught, it doesn't hang down. Your pet can exercise its natural gait and pace, while you stay fully in control. The patented stock-lock braking system can be locked at the preΒ of a button to keep your pet at a preferred distance. This claΒic, like with other flexi leads, meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Whether you are in a built-up area or just getting your pet used to the great outdoors, there are a number of situations in which a cat lead is sensible, helpful, even indispensable in order to allow your pet a fun yet safe walk outside. Handmade in Germany, this product has impreΒed millions of pet owners in over 90 countries with its great value for money.

The flexi Cat Lead New ClaΒic at a glance: Compact roll lead, 3m long Size xS: for cats, rabbits, ferrets and other small pets up to max. 8kg Stop-lock braking system: the cord can be stopped and locked for easy control Pocket size: very light and manoeuvrable Safety hook: prevents quick retraction of the lead if your pet suddenly pulls on the lead High quality production: all parts included are of premium quality, robust and sturdy with a chrome hook Made in Germany: quality trusted the world over Colour: black Material: plastic Weight: approx.


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