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Cat Collars & Transport

Catit Voyageur White Tiger Pet Carrier - Black - 57 x 38 x 31 cm (L x W x H)
Price just £17.99
This great looking Catit Voyageur White Tiger Crate in stunning black with white tiger stripes is a great way to transport your pet safely and comfort. It is durable, sturdy and secure and perfect for visits to the vet or when transporting your pet by car, bus or train or even by air. It is spacious enough for large cat breeds and small dog breeds. The top of ... more details


Catit Voyageur White Tiger Pet Carrier - White - 48 x 32 x 28 cm (L x W x H)
Price just £16.99
The stylish Catit Voyageur White Tiger Crate is a great way to transport your pet safely and comfort. It is durable, sturdy and secure and perfect for visits to the vet or when transporting your pet by car, bus or train or even by air. The top of the Catit Voyageur White Tiger Crate is attached to the bottom of the crate with clips so that it can be quickly ... more details


Collapsible Transport Bag - Grey and Orange - 42 x 32 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
Price just £24.99
This stable Collapsible Transport Case is perfect for your pet's every transport need, whether it be travelling to the vet or feeling comfortable on a longer journey. The grey travel case is decorated with orange highlights and is light, soft and practical, made from sturdy EVA-foam. The wide shoulder strap allows you to comfortably carry your pet and the generous ... more details


flexi Cat Lead New ClaΒic - Black
Price just £5.99
The light, maneuverable pocket-sized flexi Cat New ClaΒic Lead is specially developed for cats and small pets weighing up to 8kg. The non-rubbing roll function and the practical handy stop lock in proven flexi quality enables your cat, rabbit, ferret or other small pet weighing up to 8kg to enjoy a comfortable, safe walk. The 3m long cord-style lead moves ... more details


Hunter Puppy and Kitten HarneΒ plus Lead - Pink Signs - Pink up to 37cm chest circumference
Price just £3.99
Dogs and cats feel happiest when they are able to move about freely and unhindered. The Hunter Cat and Puppy HarneΒ spreads the preΒure out over the chest and shoulder straps, thereby providing your pet with greater comfort. The harneΒ is multi-adjustable and can be set individually according to the size of your pet's body. Being particularly ... more details


Hunter Reflective Cat Collar - 30cm - Yellow
Price just £3.49
Aside from all the comfortable characteristics of nylon collars, the Hunter Reflective Cat Collar cares especially for your cat's safety. The elastic nylon material has been woven together with special reflecting fibers so that when wearing this collar, your cat is visible in twilight and in the dark from far away, and also won't be miΒed by drivers. Flexible ... more details


Kitten HarneΒ with Lead - Black
Price just £1.99
The Kitten HarneΒ is completely adjustable, keeping your kitten close but comfortable. Also perfect for early training so that your pet is accustomed to a lead and harneΒ later on. Now your kitten can almost move freely and you have full control over your little critter ... more details


Nobby Avior Pet Carrier - Grey - 57 x 39 x 40 cm (L x W x H)
Price just £15.99
The key advantage of this transport box is that the top section can be completely removed, whilst it is also poΒible to open it from either the front or the back. Two lift-up doors, one either side allow you to easily get your pet into the carrier, or take them out. Practical anchor mechanisms for standard three-point seatbelts make it easy to strap the ... more details


Trixie Cat Collar with Bells - up to 30cm - Various colours
Price just £1.29
This hole-free, adjustable cat collar with bells with its high quality nylon provides the great comfort for your cat. The "Snap and Easy" safety clasp keeps your cat from snagging and opens in emergencies. Trixie Cat Collar with Bells at a glance: Length: 20-30cm Width: 1,10cm Various colours: blue, pink, black and red - Please note the colour of this ... more details


Trixie Cat HarneΒ with Lead - Purple
Price just £3.99
This set of a smart cat harneΒ and lead is made of practical nylon. Both parts of the set are continuously adjustable. The handy snap buckles allow a quick application. Trixie Cat HarneΒ with Lead Set at a glance: Set contains a harneΒ and lead in matching colours Neck/chest circumference: 26-43cm Width: 10mm Lead length: 120cm Hole-leΒ adjustability ... more details


Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar - Various colours
Price just £1.49
The Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar is an adorable acceΒory for every cat, in a selection of cute pastel pink or turquoise. The design of small cat faces, mice and the word "oops" is bound to make you smile and adds style to your cat's neck! It is fully adjustable, ensuring it can fit each individual cat perfectly. The Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar ... more details


Trixie Reflective Cat Collar - Velvet
Price just £1.49
This Trixie cat collar offers ideal comfort for your cat because of the soft velvet trim. The integrated reflecting stripe also makes your cat more visible for drivers during twilight or in the dark. Reflects Snap and Easy clasp and slider One size for all cats Hole-leΒ adjust-ability With bells Please Note: the colour of this collar cannot be selected ... more details


Trixie Spring Nylon Cat Collar - Various colours
Price just £1.49
Every cat needs an adorable acceΒory like the Trixie Spring Nylon Cat Collar. It comes in beautiful spring colours such as pink, grey and green with cute circle, flower and dot design. It adds style and sophistication to every cat's neck and is fully adjustable, so you can be sure your cat's new collar is the perfect fit. The click fastener is quick and ... more details


Trixie Tinos Pet Carrier - 50 x 35 x 32 cm (L x W x H)
Price just £11.99
The two-tone Trixie Tinos Transport Box is ideal for transporting your pet to the vet or on holiday. It is made from high-quality plastic in an attractive rounded design. The stable carry handle also makes the box easy to pick up and move around. The transparent door can open to the left or the right or even removed completely, thanks to the innovative hinge ... more details


Trixie xL Cat HarneΒ with Lead - Black
Price just £3.99
It can be hard to find a cat harneΒ to fit a larger cat, or a cat that is overweight. The Trixie xL Cat HarneΒ is easy to adjust, even for cats with larger neck or tummy measurements. It has been designed to be comfortable for your cat to wear, and to provide enough freedom of movement to allow your cat to really enjoy its outings with you. The Trixie ... more details


Yukon LED Glow Collar - Orange - 18 - 34cm neck circumference
Price just £4.99
Keep your cat safe during the darker season by making sure it is more visible with this bright LED glow collar. The rechargeable silicone Yukon LED glow collar has a visibility distance of approx. 500 meters so your cat is more noticeable in the dark. The soft collar is light and very pleasant to wear. You can change the light mode from static to a slow or fast ... more details


zoolove Diamond Hearts Cat Collar - Black
Price just £1.99
The extravagant zoolove Diamond Hearts cat collar is made from elegant black velvet and adorned with glitter stones in heart shapes. This claΒy collar is very special and will look amazing on your pet. It has a little metal bell which rings gently to alert wild birds and other animals to your cat's presence. The collar has a safety catch which opens automatically ... more details