beaphar Zahnies Dental Treats - Saver Pack 3 x 150g

Beaphar Zahnies are tasty little treats that support your cat's dental hygiene. Your pet's teeth and gums are subjected to considerable streΒ every day. Bacteria in saliva cause dental plaque (deposits on the tooth surface) which can rapidly turn into dental tartar. Your cat's diet may also be a contributing factor. Beaphar Zahnies dental treats contain a chlorophyll paste which helps to clean the teeth and keep breath fresh.

Added fluoride can reduce dental plaque. Regular feeding with Beaphar Zahnies helps to provide your cat with what they need from nature for healthy teeth and gums and this adds to the well-being of your cat. These dental treats are sugar-free and come in a resealable pouch.

Beaphar Zahnies Dental Treats at a glance: Sugar-free Anti Plaque Control With a chlorophyll paste for clean teeth and fresh breath Very tasty, even the choosiest cat will enjoy them.

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