beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste with Taurine - Saver Pack 2 x 250g

The combination of multi-vitamins and taurine supports your cat's health and contributes to healthy skin and a beautiful coat. The carefully selected ingredients with their naturally high levels of vital vitamins and nutrients are eΒential to keep your cat's body functioning smoothly. The easy-to-digest milk found in beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste is a natural source of calcium, which is important for bone growth and dental development.

It is highly important that your cat receives taurine in its food as taurine cannot be produced (synthesized) alone in sufficient quantity. Amongst other benefits, taurine is vital for maintaining good eyesight and supporting the heart. Top ingredients, a special recipe and careful preparation make Beaphar Multi-Vitamin Paste with Taurine a real treat for cats who will enjoy lapping it up straight from the tube.

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