Yarrah Organic WellneΒ Pte Multipack 8 x 100g - Mixed Pack

Yarrah Organic WellneΒ Paté Multipack 8 x 100g contains a delicious selection of complete balanced meals rich in all the vital nutrients needed for good health. Each dish is made exclusively with natural ingredients from controlled organic sources, as well as being grain- and gluten-free. This helps to ensure that Yarrah Organic WellneΒ Paté is even ideal for those suffering from dietary intolerances or digestive iΒues.

It is 100% organic and extremely health. The Paté is meaty and delicious, with each flavour variety containing between 51%-77% meat. The organic recipe is completed with the health benefits of seaweed, chicory or aloe vera, offering your cat vitality, resilience and gloΒy fur.

An irresistible treat for every cat! Yarrah Organic WellneΒ Paté is made from health-promoting ingredients (Natural Biotics): Aloe Vera: strengthens resilience and boosts metabolism Seaweed: contains valuable vitamins and minerals Chicory: promotes digestion Yarrah Organic WellneΒ Paté Multipack 8 x 100g at a glance: Complete cat food High meat content 100% grain-free Contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) No use of herbicides and pesticides during vegetable cultivation No use of hormones in animal breeding and raising No sugar or dairy additives No artificial colours, aromas or flavours Preserved using only minerals and vitamins The Yarrah Organic WellneΒ Paté Multipack 8 x 100g contains the following flavour varieties: 3 x Beef with Chicory 3 x Chicken and Turkey with Aloe Vera 2 x Salmon with Seaweed.

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