Yarrah Organic Chunks 6 x 405g - Chicken and Turkey with Nettle and Tomato

Yarrah Organic Chunks are tender meatballs in a tasty sauce. Yarrah Organic Chunks make a complete and highly nutritious meal, so there is no need for additional feeding. Yarrah cat food is made entirely of ingredients from inspected organic farms. This helps keep your pet from developing food allergies and protects your pet from digestive problems. Advantages of Yarrah products: certified organic contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) no use of herbicides and pesticides during vegetable cultivation no use of hormones in animal breeding and raising no sugar or dairy additives no artificial colours, aromas, or flavours preserved using only minerals and vitamins The main source of protein is chicken, which yields high-quality proteins, and is easy to digest.

Yarrah Chunks contain a fine combination of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that give your pet vitality, immune strength, and gloΒy fur.

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