Whiskas 7plus Senior Pouches in Jelly - 12 x 100g Poultry Selection

As your cat gets older you will find that it becomes leΒ active, preferring to lead a gentler, more sedate life. Its metabolism slows down and it will use leΒ energy. This is why older cats over 7 years need a different diet, one which suits their changed nutritional needs and metabolism. Whiskas 7plus Senior Pouches in Jelly is formulated for your cat's changing needs to help keep it full of vitality: Highly digestible proteins and dietary fibers that support optimal digestion EΒential oils for healthy skin and shiny fur Whiskas Senior Cat Food contains all neceΒary vitamins and minerals that help keep bones and teeth healthy, as well as supporting the body's natural defenses Give your cat a real treat every meal: Great taste: Whiskas recipes are made with carefully prepared ingredients to help retain the natural aromas for an improved taste experience at every meal FreshneΒ: A freshly opened pouch at every meal will guarantee more taste and enjoyment.

Your cat will love it! Variety: Whiskas portion pouches come in many different flavours, so that you can give your cat something different for every meal.

Convenience: Each Whiskas Senior pouch contains just the right amount for a single serving. You won't have to worry about left-overs or open cans Clean and user-friendly - simply open the pouch, fill the dish, done. Whiskas pouches are convenient to store.

Whiskas 7plus Senior Pouches in Jelly 12 x 100g: Whiskas Senior Poultry Selection 3 x Chicken 3 x Duck 3 x Poultry 3 x Turkey Whiskas Senior Meat Selection 3 x Chicken 3 x Beef 3 x Lamb 3 x Poultry Whiskas Senior Fish Selection 3 x Salmon 3 x Tuna 3 x Coley 3 x Whitefish Please be advised: the images of the products on our site are for illustrative purposes only and actual packaging may vary.

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