Whiskas 7plus Senior Pouches 84 x 100g - Fish and Poultry Selection in Jelly

Whiskas 7plus Senior Pouches 84 x 100g offer your older cat a mouth-watering treat full of tasty meat and fish chunks alongside valuable nutrients. Each practical pouch contains a dish your cat will love, with a recipe rich in taurine for improved heart and eye function. It also contains other valuable vitamins and minerals such as zinc, which help support a strong immune system as well as keeping skin radiant and fur gloΒy.

Whiskas 7plus Senior Pouches have been created without the use of colours, flavours and preservatives, offering your cat a completely natural feline nutrition. The practical pouches make it easy to portion out food, saving waste and ensuring that your cat's meal is fresh and tasty every time.

Whiskas 7plus Senior Pouches 84 x 100g at a glance: Delicious wet food for all senior cats Now available in a great value 84 x 100g pack With four fabulous flavours to add variety to your cat's food bowl Taurine: promotes healthy heart and eyesight Zinc: strengthens the immune system and keeps skin and fur healthy Balanced and holistic, with vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements Practical pouches Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives A scrumptious wet food designed to spoil your cat and preserve vitality.

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