Whiskas 1plus Creamy Soup Fish Selection - Saver Pack 48 x 85g

This Whiskas 1plus Creamy Soup Fish Selection is ideal for the many cats that love a particularly sauce-rich meal. You can offer your cat a real treat and an innovative taste experience juicy fish chunks in a creamy soup. Now with more sauce to lap up and enjoy, your cat will be licking its paws! Whiskas 1plus Creamy Soup not only tastes good, but also offers a balanced mix of ingredients.

Thanks to a particularly high content of vital fluids, your cat is provided with all the eΒential vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy lifestyle. The balanced mineral content promotes urinary tract health and added zinc gives your cat gloΒy fur. Gravy lovers will really be getting their money's worth! A culinary delight for special occasions.

Cats know the difference! Whiskas 1plus Creamy Soup Fish Selection at a glance: Complete food for adult cats Juicy fish chunks in a creamy soup ideal for gravy lovers Innovative delicacy to lap up and enjoy Balanced mineral content: supports urinary tract health With zinc: promotes gloΒy fur and healthy skin In practical portioned pouches Whiskas Fish Selection contains: 3 x Salmon 3 x Tuna 3 x Coley 3 x Whitefish.

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