Whiskas 1plus CaΒerole Meaty Selection in Jelly - Saver Pack 48 x 85g

Whiskas 1plus CaΒerole Meaty Selection in Jelly 12 x 85g is a selection of tasty meaty caΒerole dishes for cats, in four different flavour varieties. The tender, juicy chunks of meat and or poultry are full of flavour, with vitamins, minerals and zinc. These complete and balanced wet cat food pouches contain all that your cat needs for a healthy, active life.

The practical pouches keep the food fresh and preserve its flavour in a portion-sized pack. Whiskas 1plus CaΒerole Meaty Selection at a glance: Complete cat food Juicy pieces of meat or poultry Vitamins, minerals and zinc for your cat's health 100% complete and balanced In a practical portioned pouch The 12 x 85g pack contains the following varieties: Meaty Selection (3 each of): Chicken, beef, lamb and poultry or Please be advised: the images of the products on our site are for illustrative purposes only and actual packaging may vary.

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