Whiskas/ Catsan Kitten Pack - Kitten Starter Pack

For an ideal start to life, this Kitten Pack is just the thing. The Whiskas Junior products have been specially developed to enable kittens to grow up healthy and lively. The pack contains both wet and dry food for balanced mixed. The wet food provides nutritious, protein-rich poultry pieces in a delicious gravy. The dry food is made with easily digestible chicken and vegetables and have tasty, milk-filled pocket kibbles too.

These crunchy kibbles are easy for a kitten to bite into and are a good source of calcium for a growing kitten! The Milk Kitten Treats are rich in milk and calcium too. They strengthen the defenses promote healthy growth of teeth and bones. An ideal supplementary food. With Catsan's smart pack, your new kitten will feel at home right from the start.

The SmartPack is the first ever insert pack designed for cat's litter trays, containing a combination of extra-absorbent micro-fleece and hygiene cat litter. The dry fleece mat actively absorbs any liquid under the cat litter and keeps the bottom of your cat's litter tray pleasantly clean, improving odour control and leaving noticeably longer dry litter.

The SmartPack consists of two insert packs that are as efficient as 30 litres of conventional, non-clumping cat litter. A complete carefree pack for the beginning of a satisfied cat life! Whiskas/ Catsan Kitten Pack at a glance: Starter kit for new kittens With dry food: milk-filled kibbles and made with easily digestible chicken With wet food: in practical portioned pouches, poultry pieces in a delicious gravy With kitten treats: with calcium for healthy teeth and bone growth SmartPack litter: 2 insert packs with a dry fleece mat and cat litter, as efficient as 30 l conventional, non-lumping litter The pack for the beginning of a long and healthy cat life contains: 24 x 100g Whiskas Kitten Wet Food - Poultry in Gravy 1 x 350g Whiskas Kitten Dry Food - Chicken 2 x 55g Whiskas Milk Kitten Treats 1 x 8l Catsan Cat Litter Smart Pack For more information on the individual varieties, please follow the links below: Whiskas Kitten Wet Food - Poultry in Gravy Whiskas Kitten Dry Food - Chicken Whiskas Milk Kitten Treats Catsan Cat Litter Smart Pack.

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