Vitakraft Cat Milk - 7 x 20ml

Vitakraft Cat Milk is the right supplement for cats that enjoy the taste of milk. Cats find it hard to digest the lactose contained in cow's milk and it can cause digestive problems and diarrhoea. This lactose-free formulation allows cats to enjoy milk without risking health iΒues. This cat milk from Vitakraft contains only trace amounts of lactose ( which makes it easy for your cat to digest.

It is also rich in natural calcium and biotin and can be fed to cats from 3 months onwards. The practical portion-sized packs of 20ml are just to right size for a little treat, and help to ensure that the milk stays fresh. Vitakraft Cat Milk at a glance: Milk treat for cats from age 3 months Lactose-free ( Natural calcium and biotin 7 x 20ml portions of cat milk Easy for cats to digest Promotes good hydration Practical portion-sized packs: fresh milk whenever you need it.

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