Ultima Cat Milk - 6 x 250ml

Cats love milk, but sometimes the naturally high lactose content (milk sugar) of regular cow's milk can cause digestion problems and lead to diarrhea. Ultima Cat Milk has been made with a reduced lactose content, containing a maximum of 0.4%. So this delicious milk is particularly wholesome, easily digestible and is ideal for sensitive cats and kittens from 7 weeks old and up.

Pamper your cat with a bowl of Ultima Cat Milk and at the same time support it with a boost of vitamins. The milk contains the eΒential building block taurine, which can strengthen your cat's heart and eyesight. The practical 250 ml bottle is enough for 5 portions of 50 ml. Thanks to the resealable screw cap, it's easy to use and stays deliciously fresh! Ultima Cat Milk at a glance: Wholesome milk for cats and growing kittens from 7 weeks old and up Ideal for pets with sensitive digestion and complaints after having regular cow's milk Lactose-reduced: with a maximum content of 0.

4% lactose (milk sugar), particularly wholesome, promotes regulated digestion With vitamins: enriched with valuable vitamin A, D and E Contains taurine: an eΒential nutrient for cats, can promote good vision and strengthen the heart Increased fluid intake: particularly tasty, with high acceptance, promotes absorption of sufficient fluid Screw cap: easy to dispense and resealable.

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