Trixie xL Cat HarneΒ with Lead - Black

It can be hard to find a cat harneΒ to fit a larger cat, or a cat that is overweight. The Trixie xL Cat HarneΒ is easy to adjust, even for cats with larger neck or tummy measurements. It has been designed to be comfortable for your cat to wear, and to provide enough freedom of movement to allow your cat to really enjoy its outings with you. The Trixie xL Cat HarneΒ is made of durable nylon and can be adjusted to your cat's exact proportions.

The matching nylon lead (included with the product) gives your cat lots of room to explore around. The click-lock fastenings make the harneΒ easy to take off and put on. Trixie xL Cat HarneΒ with Lead at a glance: HarneΒ suitable for taking your cat for a walk, to the vet or for travel Ideal for big or overweight cats Optimal fit: Completely adjustable at the chest and on the tummy, with click-fastening Easy to put on and remove Sturdy D-Ring to attach the lead to Material: HarneΒ: 100% Nylon Lead: Nylon Fastenings: Click fastening (plastic) Colour: black Dimensions: Tummy circumference: 31-54cm Neck circumference: 21-36cm Length of strap between neck and tummy strap: 10cm Lead (L x W): 120 x 1.

3 cm.

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