Trixie Vitamin Paste for Kittens - Saver Pack 3 x 100g

Trixie Vitamin Paste is a supplementary food for kittens. It supports the healthy growth and general well-being of your kitten. It contains a balanced mix of vitamins, yeast and important milk components which all help to strengthen the immune system, support a healthy metabolism and promote a thick, shiny coat. Valuable taurine is good for the eyesight and a healthy heart.

It also prevents deficiencies of the heart, brain and nerves. This ideal combination of ingredients means that Trixie Vitamin Paste is also suitable for elderly, sick or lactating cats and gives them a boost. Your pet will adore the taste of Trixie Vitamin Paste. Contains valuable vitamins Promotes healthy growth Improves the immune system A feeling of general well-being Supports a healthy metabolism Thick and shiny fur Valuable taurine for healthy eyesight and heart Suitable for elderly, sick or lactating cats.

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