Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar - Various colours

The Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar is an adorable acceΒory for every cat, in a selection of cute pastel pink or turquoise. The design of small cat faces, mice and the word "oops" is bound to make you smile and adds style to your cat's neck! It is fully adjustable, ensuring it can fit each individual cat perfectly. The Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar has a practical "Snap and Easy" fastener that makes it simple to put the collar on and take it off.

The small bell on the Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar ensures you can easily keep track of where your cat is and will immediately know when it is on its way! It also prevents your cat from sneaking up on wild birds and hunting down unsuspecting prey.

Trixie Mimi Nylon Cat Collar at a glance: Cat collar Cute design: in pastel colours and with sweet cat faces, mice and "oops" slogan With bell: so that both you and wild birds know when your cat is coming! Fully adjustable: to fit each individual neck perfectly Click fastener: easy to put on and remove Colour: pink, turquoise (cannot be selected) Material: nylon, plastic Dimensions: fully adjustable.

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