Stuzzy Cat Food Pouches Saver Pack 24 x 100g - Ham

Stuzzy Cat wet food for cats is made to a delicious recipe and does not contain artificial colourings or preservatives. The tender chunks of tasty meat are steam cooked to make them easy to digest. Stuzzy Cat food contains valuable taurine and vitamin E which supports a healthy heart and good eyesight. It can also help to keep your cat's immune system healthy.

Biotine has been added to make sure your cat has a healthy skin and shiny fur. Stuzzy Cat also contains inulin which helps your pet to absorb nutrients. Stuzzy Cat is a complete cat food is made in a special manufacturing proceΒ which makes easy to digest. The chunks of meat are gently steam cooked. This method of cooking helps to retain all the neceΒary nutrients.

Biotine, taurine and vitamin E are added to round off the recipe. Stuzzy Cat: Complete cat food Special recipes for kittens and sterilised cats Gently steam cooked, tender chunks of meat With taurine, biotine and vitamin E Stays fresh in handy, portioned pouches Stuzzy Cat is available in practical, portioned pouches.

Quick and easy to open and fresh every mealtime.

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