Stuzzy Cat Food Pouches Mixed Pack 4 x 100g - Sterilised Chicken and Turkey

Thanks to the high meat content of 45%, Stuzzy Cat provides your cat with many eΒential proteins and nutrients. Each tender, steam-cooked bite coated in delicious sauce is of the highest standard. As well as naturally occurring nutrients, this food contains a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals. This brings variety to your cat's bowl and provides all the building blocks for an active lifestyle.

No artificial colours or preservatives are used to make Stuzzy Cat complete cat food. It is easily digestible and the inulin contains a prebiotic, which can have a positive effect on intestinal flora. Biotin has been added to promote healthy skin and shiny fur. The amino acid taurine is vital for cats, supporting healthy heart, nervous system and eyesight.

A tasty, balanced food at a fantastic price. Stuzzy Cat Food Pouches Mixed Pack 4 x 100g at a glance: Balanced complete food for adult cats High meat content: with 45% meat, this food is delicious and rich in natural protein Lightly steamed: wonderfully tasty and easily digestible Juicy recipe: in a delicious sauce Contains inulin: prebiotic to promote healthy digestion Contains taurine: for healthy heart, nerves and eyes Contains biotin: promotes healthy skin and shiny fur Practical pouches: easy and hygienic to serve Lots of variety: each mixed pack contains two different flavours.

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