Specific Cat FRD Weight Reduction - 7.5kg

Obesity can affect your cat's health and mobility and it can also reduce your pet's life expectation. Just as in humans, obesity in cats is normally as a result of too many fat calories and too little movement and activity. Overweight cats can suffer from serious health iΒues such as Heart disease Joint problems Diabetes Specific Cat FRD Weight Reduction was formulated specifically for cats which are overweight or have diabetes mellitus and need a regulated level of glucose.

This cat food has a low fat content and a high fibre content which results in a low energy density so you won't leave your pet feeling hungry. The complex carbohydrates and high fibre level ensure that glucose is released gradually so it is suitable cats with diabetes mellitus.

Specific Cat FRD Weight Reduction contains high levels of L-carnitine which helps the fat burning proceΒ and the maintaining of muscle maΒ. The benefits of Specific Cat FRD Weight Reduction: Reduced energy density Reduced fat content High level of fibre (soluble and insoluble) Usage : If your cat is overweight Diabetes mellitus Recommended use / length of use : Weight reduction: Until your pet reaches its target weight To regulate glucose levels: feed your pet with this food initially for up to 6 months.

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