Specific Cat FND Neutered Young - 2kg

Specific Cat FND Neutered Young is a balanced food for young neutered cats which are still growing (up to 1 year old). Many cat owners decide to have their pet neutered to prevent unwanted litters or sexual behaviour. Unfortunately, neutering can also lead to an increased risk of obesity and bladder stones and obesity can cause serious health iΒues such as diabetes mellitus.

Controlled levels of minerals and a safe, slightly acid urine help to keep the urinary tract healthy which is very important, especially for young neutered kittens. The benefits of Specific Cat FND Neutered Young: Moderate energy density to prevent obesity Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) for a healthy skin Reduced magnesium and phosphorus content: A urine pH below 6.

4 diΒolves existing struvite crystals and prevents new struvite crystals Increased level of fibre Yucca extract reduces the production of nasty gaΒes and the smell of stool.

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