Smilla Kitten - 10kg

Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition Kitten is an innovative High Premium complete dry food perfectly adapted to support optimal growth of kittens aged 0-12 months and pregnant and nursing cats. The high quality, easily digestible dry food was developed in cooperation with leading experts and according to the most recent scientific findings. It contains all neceΒary vitamins and nutrients for a cat life full of vitality.

Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition will not just be loved by your soft-pawed friend, it will also supply it with a balanced and healthy diet. Especially kittens are little bundles of energy which romp around all day and discover the world. This means that the sweet little ones have an increased need for nutrients and vitamins which is perfectly covered by Smilla Kitten.

Convince yourself of the unique advantages of Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition complete cat diet: With vitamins A and E for powerful sight and beautiful skin For effective dental hygiene with special kibble shape and surface With high quality proteins to support organ functions With vegetable fibres for optimal hairball proceΒing High digestibility for ideal nutrient absorption With taurine for strong cardiac function and sight With yucca extracts to reduce stool odour With linseed as a natural source of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids No artificial colour, flavouring or preservatives Non-GMO - part of a balanced diet Comes in a convenient, resealable pack - simply open and enjoy fresh, time and time again Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition complete dry cat food Kitten - for a healthy and indulgent cat life right from the start! Smilla is available in the following sizes: 1kg, 4kg and 10kg Smilla Kitten kibble:.

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