Smilla Adult Sterilised Pouches Mixed Pack - Saver Pack 24 x 85g

Smilla Adult Sterilised Pouches have been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of neutered, adult cats. The needs of every cat differ, but this is particularly true of neutered cats, due to the metabolic and hormonal changes. After your cat has been neutered, their daily amount of activity is often reduced, so the energy requirement needed also decreases.

Neutered cats tend to have an increase in appetite, so the wrong food can cause them to rapidly gain weight. Therefore Smilla Adult sterilised wet food pouches have been created with an adapted fat and energy content to reduce weight gain. This is combined with L-carnitine, to help to maintain your cat's ideal weight. Due to the changes in their eating and drinking habits, some neutered cats are vulnerable to urinary stones.

Smilla Sterilised contains DL-methionine, which helps to maintain a healthy urine pH value and provide relief to the urinary system. Smilla Sterilised wet food also tastes great and will even satisfy the pickiest paws! This wet food mixed pack contains three delicious varieties: 4 x Smilla Adult Sterilised with Beef 4 x Smilla Adult Sterilised with Rabbit 4 x Smilla Adult Sterilised with Chicken Smilla Adult Sterilised Pouches Mixed Pack at a glance: Maintaining an ideal weight: Combining L-carnitine with the adjusted fat and energy content can help your cat to maintain a healthy weight.

Providing relief to the urinary system: Added DL-methionine keeps your cat's urine at a healthy pH value.

100% grain and gluten free: Smilla wet food pouches are grain-free, which helps to avoid difficulties with your cat's digestive system, as it cannot proceΒ large quantities of grain. Smilla Sterilised is also gluten-free. With added vitamins and minerals: Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in your cat's nutrition.

Vitamin D supports the regulation of calcium levels, which is important for the bone structure. Vitamin A and E promotes healthy eyesight, skin and coat. With taurine: Taurine is an eΒential nutrient for cats, but their bodies cannot produce sufficient quantities of it.

Smilla Sterilised has added taurine to help support your cat's healthy eyesight and heart function. Gently prepared: The carefully selected ingredients are combined cold and then gently cooked. This preserves the natural and delicious flavour. No added sugars, flavourings or preservatives With careful selection and proceΒing of ingredients, all the eΒential nutrients your cat needs, and a delicious flavour your cat will love, Smilla Adult Sterilised Pouches really stand out from the rest.

Whether tender chicken, juicy lamb, or tasty rabbit - there is something to satisfy every taste. Smilla is simply irresistible!.

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