Schmusy Nature Whole Food Flakes Mixed Trial Pack 12 x 100g - 4 Varieties

Delicious, balanced meals for even the most demanding felines: Schmusy Nature Whole Food flakes are complete, balanced meals with a fine mixture of small flakes of tasty chicken, turkey, rabbit or salmon, combined with rice and covered with a fine gravy. This nutritious wet cat food contains the right combination of proteins, vitamins and trace elements that your cat needs for good health, and also smells and tastes superb.

Schmusy Whole Food Flakes has only the finest selected ingredients and is free from soya, colourings or preservatives. The practical 100g pouches mean that it can easily be fed in the right portion size for your cat. This mixed trial pack contains a combination of four different varieties - Chicken and Rice, Turkey and Rice, Rabbit and Rice and Salmon and Rice so that you can discover your cat's favourite, or just to give your cat some variety at mealtimes.

Schmusy Whole Food Flakes at a glance: Complete wet cat food Tasty recipes: delicious meat in a fine sauce and rice Balanced and complete meals: nutritious ingredients including the right amounts of protein, vitamins and trace elements No colourings or preservatives No soya Mouthwatering aroma Packaged in a pouch for freshneΒ A mixture of popular varieties: Rice and Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit or Salmon.

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