Schmusy Nature Pouches Kitten Mixed Trial Pack 12 x 100g - 2 Varieties

Naturally healthy ingredients enriched with valuable additives make Schmusy Nature Kitten a balanced diet for kittens, who need extra energy to grow up happy and healthy. Each meal provides the ideal combination of high quality meat proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and trace elements. The taurine contained in each meal can support the health of your cat's eyes and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

With plenty of meaty chunks, this wet food will be your cat's new favourite meal. Each delicious natural recipe is served in a handy individual 100g pouch, making it easy to give your cat the right serving. This Mixed Pack contains the two popular flavours 'Veal, Poultry, Pasta and Psyllium' and 'Salmon, Lamb, Rice and Fish Oils'.

Both are specifically designed for kittens, with a high energy content and valuable additives including psyllium for sensitive kitten digestions and salmon oil for healthy skin and coat. A naturally healthy and delicious diet for your young cat, Schmusy Nature can help your cat through its growing phase and provide all the nutrients and energy it needs.

Schmusy Nature Kitten Mixed Trial Pack at a glance: Complete diet for young cats and kittens Designed to meet the energy and nutrition needs of cats during their growth period Taurine: can support vision and heart function Psyllium: helps to regulate digestion Salmon oil: encourages vitality and supports a healthy skin and coat Vitamins and trace elements Delicious, natural meaty chunks Handy portioned pouches Popular mix of flavours: 'Veal, Poultry, Pasta and Psyllium' and 'Salmon, Lamb, Rice and Fish Oils'.

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