Schesir Senior in Jelly 6 x 85g - Tuna with Aloe

Schesir Senior in Jelly wet cat food is particularly digestible and specially designed to meet the needs of elderly cats. It contains 50% tuna, which has been sustainably sea-fished, as well as 4.5% valuable aloe vera extract and unsaturated omega fatty acids. All ingredients are carefully chosen, hand-proceΒed and gently steamed in their own juices. This makes the tasty food easily-digestible, while the added prebiotics promote a healthy intestinal flora.

Schesir has been a leading brand in natural cat food since 1986. All products from this premium manufacturer contain 100% natural ingredients, are free from colours and preservatives, and have been produced without the use of animal testing. As well as natural proteins and nutrients, Schesir Senior in Jelly also contains taurine, which is vital for your cat's eye, nerve and heart health.

Schesir Senior in Jelly Wet Cat Food 6 x 85g at a glance: Complementary food for senior cats Specially designed to meet the needs of cats as they age 100% natural: recipe completely free from additives 50% tuna fish from sustainable fishing: caught in the open sea and providing high value protein and omega-3 fatty acids With aloe vera and omega fatty acids: can have a positive effect on your cat's health Easy to digest: highly digestible recipe with rice, yeast and prebiotics (FOS), which promote intestinal balance Simply prepared: steamed and hand-proceΒed Select ingredients: contains only the finest ingredients With taurine: can support eye, nerve and heart function Cruelty-free: produced without the use of animal testing.

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