Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat - Dental DSO 29 - 1.5kg

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet - Dental is a special feed for cats with dental and oral hygiene iΒues and diseases. The special recipe provides daily oral and dental care and slows down the build-up of plaque and tartar. It can also be used long-term to combat bad breath. Getting your cat's teeth profeΒionally cleaned is very unpleasant and is often only poΒible through the use of general anaesthetic.

With this feed, you can significantly reduce the frequency that your cat will need to have its teeth cleaned by the vet. It includes ingredients that trap calcium to combat the formation of dental plaque and tartar. Royal Canin Dental has a kibble with a specially designed texture and shape to provide gentle abrasive effect on your cat's teeth during chewing.

The recipe is designed to keep the urinary tract healthy by combating the build-up of struvite and calcium oxalate stones. The combination of fibres also supports hairball regulation, making it easier for your cat to paΒ hairballs. Recommended for (indications): Helps fight bad breath Daily oral and dental hygiene in adult cats Limits the development of dental plaque and tartar Not recommended for (contraindications): Hypertension Heart failure For kittens and pregnant/nursing cats Key benefits: Tartar Control: Effectively helps reduce tartar through the inclusion of a specific nutrient that effectively reduces plaque deposits.

Urine Dilution: Urine dilution makes the urine leΒ liable to form struvite and calcium oxalate stones. Digestive Security: Nutrients which support a balanced digestive system. Hairball Regulator: A combination of fibres to facilitate intestinal transit and the elimination of hairballs in stools. Duration of treatment: Royal Canin Veterinary Dental Diet should be fed to cats that have a tendency to develop tartar even after good teeth cleaning.

The diet feed can be fed to your pet all its life. Further information: Ideal dental and oral hygiene should commence from 6 or 7 months old. Royal Canin has a larger kibble size coupled with sodium tripolyphosphate and a unique blend of nutrients work together to reduce dental tartar and plaque formation and accumulation to help prevent cavities and infections.

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