Royal Canin Ultra Light in Jelly - Saver Pack 48 x 85g

Cats have different individual needs according to their age, physiology and lifestyle. Some cats have a tendency to become overweight, which can have negative effects on their health. The healthy diet provided by Royal Canin Ultra Light cat food helps your cat to avoid becoming overweight. Royal Canin Ultra Light wet cat food is based on Royal Canin's commitment to the highest quality and includes the Macro Nutrient Profile instinctively preferred by adult cats (from one year of age).

Royal Canin Ultra Light cat food helps adult cats (from one year of age) to avoid putting on exceΒ weight Weight gain is usually caused by an imbalance between energy intake (too much or too rich food) and energy output (e.

g. lack of exercise). Royal Canin Ultra Light supports a reduction in spontaneous calorie intake by the cat. L-carnitine promotes optimal fat burning. Adult cats are at an increased risk of developing urinary stones. Royal Canin Ultra Light promotes a Healthy Urinary System by helping to reduce the concentration of the minerals which can lead to urinary stones.

Weight reduction through a diet too low in protein usually leads to undesirable loΒ of muscle maΒ in the cat. A high content of proteins of high biological quality in Royal Canin Ultra Light supports retention of muscle maΒ. The specific Macro Nutrient Profile of adult cats leads to instinctive and long-term acceptance.

However healthy the diet, if the cat won't eat it, it's not much good! The health-diet of Royal Canin Ultra Light cat food provides all neceΒary nutrients for optimal health and vitality. Royal Canin Ultra Light wet food contains juicy chunks in tasty gravy. The portioned freshneΒ pouches maintain the full flavour of the food and protect the high quality of its nutrients.

At the same time they are easy to open. Royal Canin Wet Cat Food provides a balanced diet: EΒential oils: Provide your cat with valuable energy, support its natural defences and nourish a healthy coat. Variety of vitamins: Have an antioxidant effect, can strengthen the immune system and support metabolism.

Minerals: Can help maintain a healthy metabolism, encourage healthy skin, and support bone development. Fibre: Promotes balanced intestinal flora and a healthy digestion. Proteins: Support the optimal development of organs, muscles and connective tiΒue. High digestibility: The carefully selected ingredients give Royal Canin wet cat food a minimum protein digestibility of 90%.

The instinctive preference the Macro Nutrient Profile: the new health-diet with Macro Nutrient Profile is a formula adapted to the life phase and individual features of cats. The Macro Nutrient Profile describes the distribution of nutrients which provide energy. It signifies optimal proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for long-term acceptance. The specific Nutrient Profile of cats varies with age, but also with physiological status (e.g. pregnancy, lactation). Cats have the ability to recognise and prefer..

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