Royal Canin Sensible Cat - 10kg

Some cats have sensitive digestion and may have soft stool. Such cats therefore need cat food that contains highly digestible ingredients like Royal Canin Sensible 33 with "Optimal Digestion". A specific composition of ingredients can improve digestion Healthy intestinal flora is eΒential for healthy digestion and leads to improved overall health This cat food is suitable for adult cats aged 1 - 7 years.

Royal Canin Sensible 33 cat food is perfectly formulated for the needs of cats with sensitive digestion: Maximum digestive safety: the high digestibility of LIP proteins reduces the amount of undigested, fermentable substances in the colon. L.I.P. are proteins selected for its very high aΒimilation.

Healthy intestinal flora: micronised fibres and fructooligosaccharides promote healthy intestinal flora For over 40 years pets have been central to the work of Royal Canin, the results of which are seen in the "Health Nutrition" product range, among others. Only the knowledge of the actual nutritional needs of the animal and only respect for their individual characteristics can result in the development and production of a diet that meets your pet's needs exactly.

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