Royal Canin Indoor Appetite Control - 2kg

An indoor cat leads a luxurious lifestyle of sleeping and eating, with the occasional claw scratch or deep stretch. Royal Canin Indoor Appetite Control is specifically formulated for these cats, whose low activity levels and decreased energy need can often lead to them becoming overweight, something that drastically reduces their quality of life. This lack of exercise can also cause your cat's digestion to slow down.

The poΒible side effects of this are unwanted weight gain or digestive problems, which can cause softened stool with a particularly strong smell. This Royal Canin Indoor Appetite Control complete dry food naturally controls your cat's appetite, thanks to its balanced protein and fibre content.

With this food, you can help your cat reach a healthy weight and remain fit and active! Royal Canin Indoor Appetite Control at a glance: Complete dry food for indoor cats (1-7 years old) with large appetites and a tendency to gain weight Helps fight weight gain: thanks to a special combination of protein and fibre together with a moderate energy content, all of which lead to a satisfied feeling after eating Reduced stool odour: a range of natural ingredients helps minimise the amount of undigested food waste as well as stimulating the gut flora, naturally reducing unpleasant stool odours Minimises hairball formation: an exclusive combination of natural fibres help to move swallowed hairs through the system, reducing hairball build up Supports urinary tract function in adult cats For over 40 years pets have been central to the work of Royal Canin, the results of which are seen in the "Health Nutrition" product range, among others.

Only the knowledge of the actual nutritional needs of the animal and only respect for their individual characteristics can result in the development and production of a diet that meets your pet's needs exactly.

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