Royal Canin Breed Dry Cat Food Economy Packs - Kitten Maine Coon 2 x 10kg

Please note: This offer is only available with purchase of this item 281385. In the arena of feline nutrition, Royal Canin has always taken into account the parameters which differentiate cats: age, lifestyle, sensitivities. For the past 10 years, Royal Canin has added a new dimension to this vision of excellence by developing a range exclusively dedicated to pure breed cats.

Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition offers tailor made health nutrition for the pure bred cat to keep their immune system, skin and coat at its best. Please click here for further information regarding the different flavours of Royal Canin Feline dry cat food: Royal Canin Maine Coon Royal Canin Kitten Maine Coon Royal Canin Persian Royal Canin Kitten Persian Royal Canin British Shorthair Royal Canin Siamese Royal Canin Sphynx.

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