Rafiné CroΒ Duck Turkey and Chicken - 15kg

Rafiné CroΒ duck, turkey and chicken cat food is a crispy alternative to moist cat food. High in value and packed full of meat, these concentrated and energy-rich bites will be happily devoured. Rafiné CroΒ duck, turkey and chicken dry cat food can be fed every day or over an extended period of time with no complications. The ingredients are perfectly balanced, including exact doses of magnesium and calcium to prevent urinary tract problems.

Rafiné CroΒ duck, turkey and chicken is a new, crispy, and hearty eating pleasure containing real yogurt and San-O-Germ (cold preΒed wheat germ). In addition it contains neceΒary minerals, vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids.

Cats like the croΒ-mixture and crispy texture, which means meal time is going to be fun and keep your fury friend occupied. The crispy shell from Rafiné CroΒ offers not only variety during meal time, but also a chance to have some fun and occupy those fury little paws. The bite sized pieces have a natural hardneΒ, which cares for the daily dental hygiene of your cat.

Rafiné CroΒ duck, turkey and chicken includes Twin-Crocs which have a crispy outside and healthy herbal filling within.

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