Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Cat Optirenal - Rich in Turkey - 10kg

Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Cat Optirenal - Rich in Turkey is a dry kibble that has been adapted to suit the nutritional needs of neutered cats. After a cat is neutered, its metabolism changes, lowering its energy needs whilst increasing its appetite. Pro Plan Sterilised Cat food has a high protein content and is lower fat. Neutering your cat also increases its risk of urinary tract infections (FLUTD), but this food has been designed to help to prevent urinary stones from forming.

This balanced dry cat food brings together all of the eΒential nutrients that your cat needs, including vitamin A, C and E as well as Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. The OPTIRENAL complex in this food helps to keep your cat's kidneys healthy and includes amino acds, eΒential fatty acids and antioxidants.

OPTIRENAL can also help to improve kidney function in that it helps to slow down the ageing proceΒ in the kidneys. The special kibble structure and mineral content helps to reduce plaque and tartar build-up on your cat's teeth. Purina Pro Plan Sterilised Cat Optirenal - Rich in Turkey at a glance: Dry cat food for adult neutered cats Recipe adapted to a cat's changed metabolism after neutering High protein, lower fat: 41% protein and only 12% fat to help your cat to maintain a healthy weight Promotes good urinary health: formulated to have a preventative effect on urinary tract infections OPTIRENAL for healthy kidneys: special combination of amino acids, eΒential fatty acids and antioxidants Discourages plaque and tartar: the crunchy kibble and special minerals discourage new plaque from forming on the teeth Natural Feline Protection: Skin and Coat: Vitamin A, linoleic acid and zinc, to improve skin's texture and elasticity.

EΒential fatty acids from fish oil, to ensure thick, gloΒy fur Digestive System: higher protein content and reduced carbohydrate to promote moderate blood sugar levels and limited fat deposits Urinary Health: Strengthened protection with OptiRenal: improved urinary function through eΒential minerals and urine PH-control, to lower the risk of kidney stones in neutered cats Immune System: High protein content for building antibodies and helpful antioxidants, to support quick disease resistance.

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