Purina ONE Sterilised - Saver Pack 32 x 85g Turkey

Purina ONE Sterilised is a complete wet cat food which is formulated to suit the nutritional needs of neutered cats. It is made with delicious salmon or tasty turkey with vegetables and gravy and provides your cat with a balanced meal which contains all the nutrients your pet needs to stay healthy. Neutered cats have a slower metabolism which means that they are prone to put on weight.

Purina ONE Sterilised was developed together with Purina's veterinarian and nutritionist experts to meet the nutritional needs of sterilised cats and to help with weight iΒues. A special blend of vitamins and antioxidants promotes healthy natural defences and the correct balance of minerals helps to keep the urinary tract healthy and helps to reduce the risk of struvite.

Purina ONE Sterilised is also packed with fibre which helps to keep your cat's digestive system healthy and in good working order. It is enriched with fats and oils which provide valuable omega-3 and omega-6 to keep your cat's fur silky and shiny. Purina ONE Sterilised at a glance: Wet food for sterilised and neutered cats Tender chunks with salmon or turkey and vegetables in a delicious gravy Designed to suit the slower metabolism of neutered cats Made using only premium quality ingredients Healthy urinary tract: Low ratio of minerals which could lead to urinary stones Antioxidants (e.

g. vitamin E): Supports your cat's natural defences With plenty of fibre: Proven to aid healthy digestion Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: for gloΒy fur Balanced, holistic Developed together with Purina's veterinarian and nutritionist experts.

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