Purina ONE Indoor Formula - 8 x 85g Tuna in Gravy

Purina ONE Indoor Formula is a complete wet cat food which has been specially formulated for cats that live mainly indoors. This delicious combination of tasty tuna and healthy vegetables in an appetising sauce provides your cat with a balanced and healthy meal. Cats which do not go outside are often leΒ active and have a tendency to put on weight. They also tend to groom themselves more which can lead to hairball formation in their stomachs.

This food, which was developed Purina's vets, together with nutritionist experts, suits the indoor cat's lifestyle. It has a high protein content which helps to keep your cat lean and healthy. The natural fibre content helps to minimise hairball formation and antioxidants help to keep your cat's natural defences working well.

The balanced ratio of minerals helps to reduce the risk of struvite stones and the omega-3 and omega-6 in the oils and fats make sure your cat has a shiny, gloΒy coat. Purina ONE Indoor Formula at a glance: Wet food for adult cats that live mainly indoors Tender chunks with Tuna and vegetables in a delicious sauce Made using top quality, premium ingredients Increased protein content: Helps to keep your cat sleek and lean Reduction in hairball formation: Natural fibres help to minimise hairball formation Antioxidants (e.

g. vitamin E): Supports your cat's natural defences Healthy urinary tract: Reduced mineral content helps to prevent struvite stones Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids: for gloΒy fur Balanced, holistic Developed together with Purina's veterinarian and nutritionist experts.

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