Pro Plan Dental Plus - 1.5kg

Pro Plan Dental Plus is a balanced, complete dry food for adult cats. It supports dental hygiene and can help to prevent tartar. The kibble is the right size and texture to encourage longer chewing. This extended chewing action mechanically cleans your pet's teeth which will help to improve your cat's dental health. Pro Plan Dental Plus also contains minerals which help to reduce tartar forming by more than 40%.

Minerals also help to prevent bad breath and encourage healthy gums. Pro Plan Dental Plus cat kibble from Purina is made using only the very best ingredients. Easy to digest, tasty chicken provides your pet with premium protein. It also contains lots of omega-3 fatty acids as well as plenty of vitamin A, C and E so it provides your cat with a balanced complete kibble which can also help to improve dental health.

Purina Pro Plan Dental Plus with the "Natural Feline Protection" concept also helps to strengthen your pet's natural defences. Pro Plan Dental Plus dry cat food at a glance: Complete dry cat food for adult cats Improves dental health and helps to prevent tartar Size and texture of kibble encourages longer chewing Minerals: Can help to prevent tartar forming Reduces plaque and tartar build-up by more than 40% Ingredients and minerals help to strengthen teeth Helps to reduce mouth odour Helps to keep gums healthy With fish oil which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vital vitamin A, C and Natural Feline Protection: Fur and Skin: Vitamin A, linoleic acid and zinc help to keep skin elastic and moisturised.

EΒential fatty acids from fish oil help to keep your cat's fur thick and shiny Digestive system: Reduced carbohydrate content and high protein content ensure a moderate glucose uptake and limited fat accumulation Urinary system: Urinary pH neutral recipe for a healthy urinary tract and effective renal function, reduces the risk of urinary stones forming, which is increased in neutered cats Immune system: High protein content encourages antibodies to develop.

These help the body to resist infections.

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