ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Care Powder for Cats - 40g

70% of all cats aged over 3 years show signs of gum disease which can lead to bad breath and loΒ of teeth. Incorrect dental care and oral hygiene can affect the entire body. Bad bacteria from the gums or digestive system can spread through the bloodstream to the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and joints where it can cause inflammatory reactions or weakneΒ in your pet.

Regular dental hygiene is eΒential for your pet's health and can also save on costly vet bills. PlaqueOff Animal should be used daily to significantly reduce plaque and tartar formation and bad breath. Used regularly, after a while it will brighten the colour of the plaque (depending on the state of your cat's teeth) so that it can be scraped off relatively easily with a dental hook.

It contains specially selected, enriched seaweed and comes in powder form. PlaqueOff Powder is a completely natural food supplement and was originally developed and tested for human use. It was later discovered to be beneficial when used for animal oral care and so PlaqueOff Animal was especially developed for animal oral hygiene.

Method: Just add PlaqueOff Animal to dry or wet pet food using the included measuring scoop Daily amount according to the weight of the animal, up to a max of 1 scoop per day for Cats 40g will last 1 cat approx. 4 months (depending on the weight of your pet) Please Note: There are no known side effects- however due to the rich iodine content of seaweed this product may not be suitable for animals undergoing thyroid treatment.

If unsure, consult your vet for advice before starting treatment. For further information, please consult your vet.

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