Perfect Fit Sterile 1plus Rich in Chicken - Economy Pack 3 x 750g

Over 83% of all cats are neutered or castrated. This helps to protect and prevent unwanted pets, however sterilisation and castration can alter the balance of hormones in your cat and interferes with the regulation of energy supply, often making cats prone to obesity. Perfect Fit Sterile 1plus Rich in Chicken is a delicious, light, dry cat food which your cat will adore.

Perfect Fit Sterile 1plus Rich in Chicken provides a balanced diet with all the nutrients neutered cats need. Perfect Fit Sterile 1plus Rich in Chicken at a glance: Perfect weight control: a nutritionally balanced recipe with more nutrients per calorie to encourage the correct weight in cats which are leΒ active Healthy urinary tract: a balaced ratio of minerals helps to regulate the pH value in your cat's urine and also helps to prevent bladder stones Easy to digest: chicken and rice are easy on your cat's stomach and full grain wheat and natural roughage keep your cat's digestive system healthy Shiny, healthy fur: contains biotin, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids, all of which are proven to have a beneficial effect on your cat's fur and skin This recipe has been created specifically to suit nutritional demands of neutered cats and uses specially selected premium ingredients: A combination of vitamin and minerals: ensure that your cat gets all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and happy Marigold flower extract: A potent source of lutein, which has a beneficial effect on your pet's natural immune system and on the heart and circulation.

Low-fat poultry meat, animal protein: help maintain a healthy weight.

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