Perfect Fit Senior 7plus Pouches Turkey and Carrot in Sauce - Saver Pack 24 x 85g

Perfect Fit Senior 7plus Pouches is a wet food for cats aged over 7 years, specifically tailored to keep them healthy, agile and fit. Providing your senior cat with a balanced composition of nutrients in a delicious tasting recipe. Only high quality ingredients are used, without added colours or preservatives. The food is rich in turkey, carrots as well as valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

The high-quality proteins, carbohydrates and fats support your cat's natural defenses and promote healthy digestion. The optimal vitamin and mineral ratio regulates the ph of your cat's urine, ensuring a healthy urinary tract. The vitamins and minerals promote healthy skin as well as well-gloΒy, shiny fur.

Supplemented with Taurine, an eΒential nutrient for cats, it helps maintain a strong and healthy heart. Perfect Fit Senior Pouches are developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, offering your elderly cat a balanced nutrient composition and supporting healthy aging! b>Perfect Fit Senior Pouches Turkey and Carrot in Sauce at a glance: Complete food for older cats aged 7 years and up Balanced nutrient composition: supports healthy aging High quality ingredients: for an ideal supply of the neceΒary nutrients and delicious flavour With eΒential proteins, carbohydrates and fats: supports natural defenses and healthy digestion With vitamins and minerals: promotes a healthy urinary tract, healthy skin and gloΒy, shiny fur Free from artificial colours and preservatives Complete and balanced.

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