Perfect Fit Indoor 1plus Rich in Chicken - 1.4kg

Cats that spend most of their time indoors tend to move around leΒ then cats who are outside a lot. That's why it's particularly important that happy home lovers eat light, healthy food to keep them feeling great. Perfect Fit Indoor 1plus Rich in Chicken has been specifically formulated for stay-at-home cats. Perfect Fit Indoor 1plus Rich in Chicken at a glance: Prevents hairballs: supplemented with natural fibres to help control hairball formation and plant extracts to reduce stool odour.

Optimum weight management: nutritionally optimised recipe that especially helps weight management in leΒ active cats. Healthy, shiny coat: contains biotin, zinc and omega-6 fatty acids proven to help maintain your cat's skin and coat in a healthy condition.

Healthy gums and teeth: contains calcium and phosphorus for strong and healthy teeth. Specially shaped kibbles for clean teeth and healthy gums. Complete food for adult indoor cats.

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