Perfect Fit Indoor 1plus Pouches - Chicken and Peas in Sauce - 12 x 85g

Cats that spend most of their time indoors tend to move around leΒ then cats who are outside a lot. That's why it's particularly important that happy home-lovers eat light, healthy food to keep them feeling great, as well as keeping them looking wonderful and provided with all vital nutrients. Perfect Fit Indoor 1plus Pouches have been developed with veterinarians and nutritional specialists to offer your cat a special "Total 5" Formula, which cares for the five key aspects of your cat's health, to ensure that every cat can live a healthy life regardleΒ of age or lifestyle.

Perfect Fit Indoor 1plus provides your house cat with the perfect combination of nutrients, along with irresistible flavour.

It has been made from exclusively premium quality ingredients and is free from artificial colours and preservatives. Perfect Fit comes in practical pouches that guarantee perfect freshneΒ at every meal and the ideal portion size. Perfect Fit Indoor 1plus Pouches at a glance: Complete food for house cats over the age of 1 year Protein sources: chicken in sauce With "Total 5" Formula: Optimal weight control and body shape Healthy urinary tract Healthy digestion Strong immune defences Healthy skin and gloΒy coat Balanced nutritional profile: helps to ensure optimal weight maintenance Natural fibre: cellulose reduces the risk of hairballs Uses premium quality ingredients Free from artificial colours and preservatives In practical portioned pouches.

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