Nutrivet Inne Sterilised Dry Cat Food - Economy Pack 2 x 6kg

Nutrivent Inne Sterilised Dry Cat Food is a concept that has been developed to help cats to stay healthy after neutering. The neutering proceΒ causes most cats' hormonal balance to shift, increasing their appetite, which in turn can cause unneceΒary weight gain. If your cat is overweight, you should consider feeding a diet that is lower in calories and fat.

Nutrivet Inne Sterilised Dry Cat Food has a lower fat content than conventional dry kibble and has a species-appropriate recipe that mimics the diet of the cat's wild ancestors, who lived on prey animals and small amounts of plant-based food. This dry cat food is made up of 80% ingredients of animal origin, plus 20% fruit, vegetables, plant extracts and vitamins, which is exactly the proportion that your cat's digestion needs for good health.

Easily digested lean protein from chicken, turkey, duck and guinea fowl make this neutered cat food particularly tasty and healthy. The grain-free recipe has a low carbohydrate content and is easier for cats to tolerate than recipes that contain grains.

Nutrivet Inne Sterilised Dry Cat Food contains a wealth of natural ingredients besides high quality poultry meat: beetroot, tomatoes, chicory and other vegetable varieties, plus cranberry extract, fennel and rosemary and other plant-based ingredients, that can all have a positive effect on your cat's overall wellbeing. The special recipe and high quality natural ingredients mean that the food does not need to have any additional artificial ingredients such as flavourings, colourings or chemical preservatives.

It contains salmon oil, to promote a shiny coat and a strong immune system, and L-carnitine, which can help to increase the metabolism and encourage fat burning. This high quality, balanced cat food combines the best natural ingredients, based on nature's design for good feline nutrition.

Nutrivet Inne Sterilised Dry Cat Food at a glance: Premium dry food for neutered or overweight cats aged 2-7 years Reduced fat recipe: fewer calories but the same great taste Free from grains and gluten: lower carbohydrate content, also suitable for cats with allergies and food intolerances 80% animal and 20% plant-based ingredients: with a high protein content from lean meat, according to your cat's natural dietary needs, imitating the diet of the cat's ancestors, which consisted of prey animals and small amounts of plant-based nutrients High in protein: animal proteins from fish make the food tasty and easy to digest Natural: free from artificial flavourings, colourings or chemical preservatives.

GM free. Salmon oil: high in unsaturated Omega fatty acids to promote a shiny coat, healthy skin and a strong immune system Taurine: eΒential nutrient for cats to maintain healthy eyesight and good heart function L-Carnitine helps to speed up the fat-burning proceΒes All-round vitality: plant extracts from vegetables, fruit and herbs, as well as w balanced mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements promote wellbeing..

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