Miamor Sensitive 6 x 100g - Veal and Potato

Miamor Sensitive is a very tasty, balanced food for adult cats which suffer with food sensitivities and allergies. Cats often suffer with food sensitivities and these are frequently caused by the mix of different meats, hard-to-digest grain or specific food components which can cause an allergic reaction. Miamor Sensitive only contains one type of meat so it only contains one source of animal protein.

It does not contain any animal by-products. Each variety only contains one source of carbohydrate rice, potato or pasta. These are easy to digest carbohydrates and tolerated well by cats with food sensitivities. Miamor contains only the very best ingredients so that the risk of an allergic reaction is kept to a minimum.

It is a balanced, well accepted and easy to digest food which provides your cat with all the important nutrients, vitamins and roughage it needs to stay healthy. Miamor Sensitive is also suitable for older cats or those with a tendency to obesity. Miamor Sensitive complete cat food at a glance: Ideal for cats with food allergies and sensitivities No animal by-products 57% meat Only one source of animal protein Only one source of carbohydrates: easy to digest rice, potato or pasta Enriched with important roughage Easy to digest and well accepted No artificial colour or taste enhancers.

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