Miamor Ragout Royale in Gravy 22 x 100g - Turkey and Game

Miamor Ragout Royale is an exquisite cat food with truly royal taste. At least 60% meat content makes Miamor Ragout Royale a tasty feast for your cat. Poultry or fish in combination with select ingredients create delicious flavours. Miamor Ragout Royale is further refined by a luscious gravy - acceptance by all cats. Miamor Ragout Royale Cat Food in Gravy is made using a vitamin-preserving proceΒ.

Important vitamins and nutrients are therefore maintained - for your cat's lifelong health. Miamor Ragout Royale Cat Food in pouches is quick and easy to serve. It contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Just pure, meaty indulgence in three delicious flavours.

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