Miamor Ragout Royale Mixed Trial Pack 12 x 100g - Turkey Salmon and Veal

Miamor Ragout Royale offers your cat a dinner fit for a king with a high meat or fish content. It is produced using a vitamin-conserving technique which results in high nutritional content, and which does not use any artificial colourings or preservatives. Each of these trial packs contains a variety of delicious flavours, to keep your cat coming back for more.

Every pouch provides your cat with all of the eΒential vitamins and minerals it needs for health and vitality. Furthermore, Miamor Ragout Royale is especially convenient to serve: with the gel-pack nothing is left behind, and the contents stay fresher for longer. Miamor Ragout Royale is a sublime pleasure for your feline friend - try it now in the handy pouch.

Miamor Ragout Royale at a glance: Delicious wet food for adult cats High meat or fish content: For an extra special flavour In jelly or gravy Manufactured with a vitamin conserving technique to preserve vital nutrients No artificial colourings or preservatives Different flavours for varied mealtimes Practical pouches that stay fresh for longer Miamor Ragout Royale in Gravy: 3 x 100g - Turkey and Venison 3 x 100g - Tuna and Chicken 3 x 100g - Duck and Poultry 3 x 100g - Chicken and Salmon (this flavour is only available in this mixed trial pack) Rabbit, Chicken and Tuna Mixed Trial Pack: 4 x Rabbit 4 x Chicken 4 x Tuna Turkey, Salmon and Veal Mixed Trial Pack: 4 x Turkey 4 x Salmon 4 x Veal Miamor Ragout Royale does not contain artificial colours or preservatives.

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