Miamor Cat Snack Multi-Vitamin Cream - 66 x 15g

Miamor Cat Snack Multi-Vitamin Cream is a supplementary food for cats which can help to improve the immune system. Important vitamins, trace elements and taurine aid your cat's immune system and strengthen your pet's natural resistance. Made to a special recipe, it ensures your cat has all the nutrients it needs for a happy healthy life. Cats are active animals and love to go exploring in the home and in the garden.

Especially those cats which are roaming around outside can be affected by all sorts of environmental factors. Your cat needs the right vitamins and trace elements to keep its immune system healthy and to protect it against poΒible diseases and taurine is eΒential for healthy eyes and heart.

Miamor Cat Snack Multi-Vitamin Cream does not contain artificial colourings or preservatives and no sugar has been added. Multivitamin-Cream Suitable for all cats Contains valuable taurine Contains important vitamins and trace elements Strengthens your pet's natural immune system Can have a positive effect on your cat's health No artificial colourings or preservatives Sugar free Miamor Cat Snack - the tasty liquid snack for true gourmet cats.

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