Lily's Kitchen Hunter's Hotpot for Cats - 19 x 85g

Lily's Kitchen Adult Hunter's Hotpot Wet Cat Food is a complete and balanced moist cat food inspired by real home cooking. The mixture of wholesome free run game, chicken, turkey and pork, is made with a chunky Paté texture that your cat will really enjoy. Each one of the Lily's Kitchen range of pet foods is made from natural ingredients, to create a 'homemade' texture and aroma.

They contain 65% freshly prepared meat, offal or fish, so they are packed with eΒential animal protein, and really tasty too! Lily's Kitchen Cat Food is well balanced and free from grains and gluten, which makes the juicy, chunky pates easy for your cat to tolerate. They can also be fed to cats that have allergies and food intolerances.

This complete and balanced wet cat food also includes vitamins and chelated minerals for optimal absorption. This means that when you feed your cat Lily's Kitchen you can be sure that it is getting all of the eΒential nutrients that it needs for a healthy, happy life. The added taurine helps to boost your cat's heart function and eyesight.

Unlike everyday cat foods, that often rely on meat meal and chemical additives to bulk them out, this moist cat food has been prepared so that is natural and pure. Tasty foods from Lily's Kitchen you couldn't make it better if you made it yourself! Lily's Kitchen Adult Hunter's Hotpot Wet Cat Food at a glance: Natural wet cat food for adult cats Grain-free also suitable for cats with allergies or intolerances Savoury mix of free run game, chicken, turkey and pork: the rustic, chunky Paté with a mixture of freshly prepared meats With 60% meat: rich in eΒential animal proteins.

Only the best lean meat and nutritious offal is used in the recipe Balanced nutrition: with vitamins and chelated minerals, to provide all-round nutrition for your cat With taurine: eΒential nutrient for cats, and supports good eyesight and heart function Tasty recipe with natural goodneΒ that all cats love! High moisture content juicy, chunky Paté that helps to ensure that your cat receives enough liquid in its diet Free from chemical additives, fillers or meat meal Quality production: Lilys Kitchen is made in the UK.

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