Leonardo Adult Sensitive Duck and Rice Dry Cat Food - 15kg

Leonardo Adult Sensitive Duck and Rice is designed to meet the needs of sensitive cats. Many cats suffer from food sensitivities, with wheat found to be one of the most common allergic triggers. This balanced dry food is easy to digest and contains wholesome rice and potatoes as a source of energy. The included duck meat is suitable for human consumption and is composed primarily of lean muscle meat.

Duck meat is nutritious and rarely causes food allergies or intolerances. It also provides top-quality proteins and natural minerals, and has a delicious taste that cats love. Antarctic krill is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, containing around twice as much as salmon oil. It is also rich in important vitamins, trace elements and various antioxidants, which offer an enormous potential for cell protection.

The added malt in Leonardo Adult Sensitive contains valuable natural enzymes and has an extra delicious taste. Antioxidants are eΒential to protect the cells from free radicals, which can cause premature ageing, chronic illneΒ and degenerative changes.

Grape seed meal has been proven as the food with the highest antioxidant potential, owing to the fact that it contains a high quantity of natural polyphenols. It can also have a positive effect on your cat's heart, circulation and general vitality. Whole grape seeds are gently cold-preΒed during the production of Leonardo Adult Sensitive dry cat food.

Functional ingredients, such as dried carob bean and chicory, provide your cat with important prebiotics, which can support healthy bacteria and help to prevent the spread of pathological bacteria in the intestines, promoting a balanced gut flora. Linseed has a 40% fat content made up of 90% unsaturated fatty acids, including over 50% omega-3 fatty acids, while brewer's yeast contains high levels of natural B vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and minerals that can promote the development of your cat's immune system.

These vital nutrients can also have a positive effect on your cat's skin and coat, as well as on its general wellbeing.

The special STAY-Clean active agent can help to prevent dental health problems. This highly concentrated active ingredient is based on vitamin C and has been proven able to impair the growth of plaque-causing bacteria. It can also help to reduce the build-up of dental plaque and tartar. STAY-Clean is applied to the surface of the kibble so that it can have an immediate antibacterial effect.

Chewing the kibble also supports the mechanical cleaning of your cat's teeth. Leonardo Adult Sensitive Duck and Rice at a glance: Ideal for sensitive adult cats. Made in Germany. High-quality duck and poultry meat: Well-accepted, extra tasty and low in ash. Suitable for human consumption and containing a high proportion of lean muscle meat. Low allergenic potential. Source of valuable protein and natural minerals. Antarctic krill: Small crustaceans with a natural fat content of 18%. Twice as rich in omega-3..

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