Leonardo Adult Maxi Grain-Free Dry Cat Food - 7.5kg

Leonardo Adult Maxi Grain-Free offers optimum, balanced and complete nutrition for adult cats (age 1plus). The food is designed to provide the best nutrition for large breeds such as Maine Coons or Norwegian Wild Cats and is full of fresh poultry meat which is a source of eΒential proteins. The protein content is made up of 80% animal protein and 20% vegetable proteins which all help this dry kibble to give your cat the right amount of energy.

In combination with other ingredients, this provides a variety of different eΒential nutrients to help promote wellbeing and healthy organ function. This dry cat food's special grain-free recipe uses potato and amaranth as sources of carbohydrate instead of grains, which makes it suitable for cats with sensitive digestion, allergies or food intolerances.

Chia seed contains natural mucilages which support healthy digestion. Both chia seed and krill (sea plankton) are rich in Omega fatty acids. The food has been specially formulated to balance your cat's urine pH, which can help to prevent urinary tract infections and ease the transit of swallowed hair and hairballs through its digestive tract.

The ingredients of this dry kibble ensure a balanced diet for your cat, along with a great tasting meal. The kibble also has a special "stay clean" function, with a 15mm kibble size that makes your cat chew for longer, prompting greater flow of saliva and better oral hygiene.

Leonardo pet foods: The ingredients make the difference! Leonardo Adult Maxi Grain-Free at a glance: Balanced and complete dry cat food for adult cats aged 1 year plus Specially adapted recipe to suit large breed cats such as Maine Coons or Norwegian Wild Cats Free from grains and gluten: can also be used with cats that have allergies or food intolerances 30% fresh poultry meat: a source of high quality proteins that are tasty and easy to digest 80% animal and 20% plant-based proteins: ideal nutrient combination and a good source of energy With amaranth and potato: gluten free alternatives to grains Chia seed: supports good digestion with natural mucilages and Omega fatty acids.

Helps your cat to feel full without overloading ist body systems Krill: sea plankton a source of many eΒential nutrients such as astaxanthin, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes Gentle hairball exit: recipe that eases the transit of swallowed hair through the digestive tract Urine pH-balance: ingredients ensure an optimal urine pH, to help to prevent urinary tract infections Large kibble that helps to clean teeth: extra-large kibble 15mm width keeps your cat chewing for longer, to encourage saliva flow.

Kibble has soluble vitamin C that can help to limit the spread of plaque bacteria STAY-Clean: concentrated active ingredient with vitamin C, that has been proven to help fight the spread of bacteria that form plaque as well as leΒening the build-up of tartar. The special way that Leonardo's kibble is produced allows this active ingredient to be..

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