Kattovit Sensitive Pouches - Saver Pack Chicken and Duck (12 x 85g)

Kattovit Sensitive Pouches (Hypoallergenic Food) is specially designed to meet the needs of sensitive cats, which can often suffer from problems with their skin, coat or digestion. These symptoms can be triggered by certain protein sources or varieties of grain. Kattovit Sensitive Pouches contain rice as an easily digestible, gluten-free source of protein - grains containing gluten are not used in the manufacturing of this product.

Wholesome chicken and turkey are both well-accepted sources of protein, meaning that this wet cat food can be used as part of an exclusion diet to help identify specific food intolerances. Taurine and other important vitamins and minerals complete the food, ensuring a balanced nutritional profile.

Kattovit Sensitive Pouches at a glance: Special wet food for sensitive cats Ideal for cats with food allergies or intolerances No grain containing gluten: easy-to-digest rice as a source of carbohydrate Wholesome proteins: chicken and turkey as easily digestible sources of protein Suitable for use as part of an exclusion diet With taurine: for a healthy heart and good vision Important vitamins and minerals: for a complete, well-balanced diet.

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