Kattovit Saver Pack 12 x 85g - Urinary (Struvite Stone Prophylaxis) Tuna

It's common for cats with health problems to suffer from disrupted dietary habits. What good is the healthiest diet food if the cat refuses to eat it? Kattovit has put together a range of foods that ensure top acceptance from cats. Since health problems are often a recurring iΒue, the special food must remain the main component of the daily diet. That's why Kattovit is designed to be used as a complete feed.

To that end, it contains everything your cat needs for an active, healthy life. The Kattovit wet food range: Special diet for cats suffering a variety of health iΒues With taurine: for a healthy heart and good vision With important vitamins and minerals: for a complete, well-balanced diet Please note: Kattovit should not be used in lieu of medication, but in combination to support your cat's health.

It is eΒential that you consult a vet in acute cases.

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